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Who We Are and

What We Do

By championing equal rights and justice, we can create a world of equality.

The WA NAACP Youth Council is a coalition of youth, primarily youth of Color, from across King County working for racial justice in Washington’s public education system. The WA NAACP Youth Council creates space for youth to speak their truth and make change that will not only affect them but students in the future. Too often the voices of youth of Color are dismissed or tokenized; the WA NAACP Youth Council fights for a place at the decision-making table, writing its own narrative and working for the following demands: 

  1. Mandate Ethnic Studies, Pre-K to 12th, and Fully-Staff Ethnic Studies Departments in Every District
  2. Mandate Thorough and Frequent Staff Racial Equity Trainings
  3. Increase Voice of Youth, Especially BIPOC Youth, in Decision-making at All Levels of Public Education
  4. Hire and Retain More BIPOC Educators 
  5. Incorporate Restorative Justice Practices in Police-Free Schools Instead of Problematic, Outdated Discipline Practices
  6. Support Black Lives Matter at School Actions
  7. Increase Access to Opportunities and Mental Health Services 
  8. Abolish the Highly Capable Cohort Program
  9. Mandate Climate Change Education, Emphasizing Environmental Racism, and Dramatically Decrease the Carbon Footprint of Public Education
  10. Reduce Gun Violence Targeting Black and Brown Communities
Founded in 2017 by then Seattle/King County NAACP Education Chair Rita Green and Seattle educators Jon Greenberg and Sooz Stahl, the WA NAACP Youth Council launched to the public on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 21, 2018, to center youth of Color, a demographic routinely ignored, and center racial justice, issues too often relegated to the margins in public education. 

Since our founding, we have contributed to many racial justice wins, including:

  • Co-writing with the Seattle School Board one of the first resolutions in the country to support the Black Lives Matter at School movement 
  • Spearheading the drafting, revising, passing, and implementation of Policy 1250, which adds students to the Seattle School Board 
  • Removing a superintendent who was working against ethnic studies and racial justice 
  • Leading numerous workshops and trainings for educators and the public on how to replace a racist educational system to one centering racial justice (see “Our Impact”) 
  • Advancing our demands and spreading awareness through local publications, including South Seattle Emerald and Real Change
  • Contributing to the first annual “Healthy Vikings” Rainier Beach High School community event, bringing awareness and mindset change through an integrated approach to health and wellness, environment, social and climate justice that solidified new community partnerships with Planet Fitness, Brown Dove, Bike Works, SE Network, and Urban Family 
  • Contributing to the removal of the SBAC graduation requirement, which disproportionately impacted students of Color
  • Exposing the inequities in Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association 
Pillars of Advocacy

Our Commitment to Civic Participation, Social Justice, Legal Support, and Educational Equity

Civic Participation

Civic Participation

Driving change by ensuring political and social involvement for all. The AOWSAC facilitates 13 local units and youth councils in three states, tirelessly advocating for equal rights.
Social Justice Initiatives

Social Justice Initiatives

Fighting against racial discrimination through democratic processes, AOWSAC consistently seeks enforcement of laws that secure civil rights for all.
Legal Support

Legal Support

Promoting legal awareness, the NAACP constitution educates individuals about their constitutional rights and takes action to ensure these rights are upheld.
Educational Equity

Educational Equity

Striving for an educated society where all individuals are given equal opportunities regardless of race, ensuring no barriers hinder access to quality education.

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