Our Impact


Feedback from our community partnerships have been overwhelmingly positive! 


Testimonial from participants of WA NAACP Youth Council events: 

From a launch of the our demands and Black Lives Matter at School’s Year of Purpose: 

  • Been following the movement for years, yall have been DOING. THE. WORK. I see you.
  • Thanks so much for all your voices. I can't imagine having to advocate for myself as much as you all have to at your age, and I'm so sorry our systems and schools are GROSS. You all are phenomenal leaders and will change the world.
  • Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into this day and that continually goes into this incredible organization. It was extremely well organized and gave clear strategies that we can all implement into our schools and communities.

From graduate students at the University of Washington College of Education's Secondary Teacher Education Program: 

  • I absolutely loved having the opportunity to learn from the N-YC students because they have a lot of perspective of how schools are today and how they feel about their learning experiences which are so informative to what I need to know as a future teacher. I felt that at the beginning of the quarter, I wasn't quite sure which questions to ask, but by the end, the questions we all collectively asked were so useful and the students' answers were even more useful :) I loved this experience! Thank you :)
  • As a pre-service teacher, I am endlessly inspired by the NAACP Youth Council and their intelligence, wisdom, ambition, and advocacy. I have learned so much from talking to these students, and they make me so hopeful for the future generation and extremely excited to be a teacher!

From teachers in training at Evergreen State College: 

  • This organization is one of the most legitimate groups speaking to true material change of the school system I have had the pleasure of hearing speak. All educators should hear the message.
  • This was probably the most insightful and potent part of my teacher education so far! I'm very grateful! 

From participants of an MLK Day workshop: 

  • Thank you for your continued work - you all are so inspiring, and compel those around you to act!
  • You guys are more powerful than you know. Keep up the amazing work.

From a training on youth voice for the Seattle School Board: 

  • Fantastic workshop. So much learning and excitement for what's next
  • These students are amazing!

From a "Reimagine PD series" with educators from Edmonds Public Schools: 

  • What an impressive group -- patient, kind, collaborative, knowledgeable, and very generous with their time, personal experiences, and wisdom. I'm humbled and grateful.
  • NAACP was super informative and powerful! I'd love more PD with the NAACP Youth Council please!


And here’s testimony from WA NAACP Youth Council members on the impact that this group has had on their own development: 

  • It's taught me how kids at my level can organize, teach, and do practical good – William
  • I’ve learned a lot from being in NY-C — learning about racial justice topics I didn’t know about and hearing my peers perspectives on these topics. This helped me form my own beliefs and NY-C gives me a platform to help spread my truth. – Mina
  • I've found that this council helped me a lot with finding my own voice and speaking out for my beliefs and values regarding racism and youth problems. – Jasmin
  • N-YC is a community of youth that will inspire you, hold you accountable and truly grow. After joining this group, I was given so many opportunities of education and knowledge along with meeting many people that have impacted my life. N-YC took my passion for changing education to getting the actual action in my own hands. You are able to build your own ideas and get feedback and support from other youth. This even led me to building a school district policy. Everyone I have met in this group has become family to me and the most important values that  N-YC has taught me is community, taking care of yourself, and anyone is capable of making change and having passion. – Kaley