The Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference (AOWSAC) of the NAACP

The Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference (AOWSAC) of the NAACP is dedicated to improving the political, educational, social and economic status of all persons, eliminating racial prejudice, and keeping the public aware of the adverse effects of discrimination at the state level.

We have 13 local unit Branches and multiple youth councils, high school councils and prison Branches throughout Alaska, Oregon and Washington committed to addressing issues of discrimination and inequality affecting members in our communities and at the state level.

Branches in the News

Supreme Court Nullifies Women’s Most Private Right

Statement on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Jun 24, 2022
This morning the conservative majority made what should be a private medical decision for all women in this Country. “The political invasion into a woman’s and families’ private lives is appalling but not surprising” said NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington Vice President Sheley Anderson. “We are witnessing this Supreme Court systematically roll back the Country to the dangerous Jim Crow era by chipping away at the Voting Rights Act and now stripping away a woman’s right to choose.”

WA cannabis revenue could go to communities hurt by war on drugs

Crosscut, Feb 03, 2022
Some advocates say they appreciate the proposed $125 million allocation, but would like more for those most impacted.

NAACP: Uniting Our Region. Let's Look at Blue Fragility

Black Lens Newspaper Spokane, Nov 30, 2021
Article by Spokane Branch's Vice President and AOWSAC Political Action Chair Kurtis Robinson.


United Shoreline Organized Against Racism, Nov 21, 2021
Kevin Henry, Health co-chair for the Seattle King County NAACP, recently interviewed Bill Bear of United Shoreline Organized Against Racism about the role white men can play in the fight for racial justice.