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Mission & Vision

Only by Helping Each Other We Can Make World Better

By championing equal rights and justice, we can create a world of equality.

The Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference (AOWSAC) of the NAACP aims to improve the political, educational, social, and economic status of all, eliminating racial prejudice, and raising awareness against discrimination at the state level.


Empowerment Through Equality

We strive to forge a future where every individual’s political, educational, social, and economic rights are guaranteed, and where racial discrimination finds no refuge.


Unity in Diversity

Our vision paints a world where the diversity of race enriches society rather than divides it, ensuring that every individual stands equal without the shadow of discrimination.


Our Objectives Stand As Beacons

  • Equality for All: To cultivate an environment where equality thrives in every aspect of public life.
  • Righteousness in Rights: To obliterate racial prejudices, ensuring that the rights of all citizens are held sacred.
  • Democracy in Action: To employ democratic means to tear down the walls of racial discrimination.
  • Law and Justice: To champion the formulation and application of laws that reinforce civil liberties for all.
  • Awareness and Elimination: To illuminate the corrosive effects of discrimination and work tirelessly for its eradication.
  • Education and Action: To enlighten individuals about their constitutional entitlements and pursue every lawful measure to guarantee these rights, in accordance with the enduring tenets of the NAACP.
Pillars of Advocacy

Our Commitment to Civic Participation, Social Justice, Legal Support, and Educational Equity

Civic Participation

Civic Participation

Driving change by ensuring political and social involvement for all. The AOWSAC facilitates 13 local units and youth councils in three states, tirelessly advocating for equal rights.
Social Justice Initiatives

Social Justice Initiatives

Fighting against racial discrimination through democratic processes, AOWSAC consistently seeks enforcement of laws that secure civil rights for all.
Legal Support

Legal Support

Promoting legal awareness, the NAACP constitution educates individuals about their constitutional rights and takes action to ensure these rights are upheld.
Educational Equity

Educational Equity

Striving for an educated society where all individuals are given equal opportunities regardless of race, ensuring no barriers hinder access to quality education.

Join Our Movement, Be the Momentum.

Volunteer with us and take a stand against inequality. Your time and skills can drive the change towards a fairer society. Sign up to volunteer and be part of our force for justice and equality.