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The Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference (AOWSAC) of the NAACP is dedicated to improving the political, educational, social and economic status of all persons, eliminating racial prejudice, and keeping the public aware of the adverse effects of discrimination at the state level.

We have 13 local unit Branches and multiple youth councils, high school councils and prison Branches throughout Alaska, Oregon and Washington committed to addressing issues of discrimination and inequality affecting members in our communities and at the state level.

With this site, our goal is to provide you with information on local Branch events, and links to current news stories featuring AOWSAC’s advocacy efforts.

With the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the need is greater than ever for the NAACP to continue our voting rights advocacy and registration program.

President Hankerson's Letter to the Washington State House of Representatives regarding their recent vote on HB 1453 regarding to evictions and protections of residental tenants:

Dear Representatives,

The Washington State House of Representatives took a momentous step towards dismantling the institutionalized racism in our housing market by passing HB 1453, a bill that would reform the eviction process Tuesday. We applaud all of the lawmakers who voted in support of this measure, but we are deeply frustrated with the lawmakers, in particular those we previously thought of as allies, who voted against this bill.

By voting no on HB 1453, these lawmakers voted against the interests of their constituents, especially communities of color. It is even more troubling to hear that many of these lawmakers who voted no on this bill are landlords or related to landlords, and their vote seemed to be motivated more by personal financial interest instead of the well-being of the community.

This vote demonstrates that it is not only white people who uphold white supremacy in our system. There is no question that eviction reform is a racial justice issue:

• Black adults are evicted 5.5 times more than whites in King County, 6.8 times more in Pierce County.1
• Black women are seven times more likely to be evicted than white women.2
• Between 2013 and 2017, one in 11 Black adults was evicted in King County while only one in 100 white adults were evicted.3
• In Pierce County, one in six Black adults was evicted between 2013 and 2017, compared to one in 50 white adults.4||
• In 2017, over half of the evictions filed against tenants in Seattle were people of color - and a third of the evictions were filed against Black tenants, far higher than would be expected based on the demographics of Seattle.5
• Research has shown that Black women are the most likely demographic to be evicted - and the risk of eviction increases if they have children.6,7

Our laws are designed to lock up Black men through incarceration - and lock out Black women through eviction. If the legislature does not pass eviction reform, then it is clear that neither party is serious about addressing racial inequity, housing instability, or poverty. We are tired of lip service.

We demand the legislature actually takes substantial steps towards ending the racism within our housing market - and the first step to achieving this is by reforming our eviction process. Further, we will support efforts to unseat legislators who vote against tenant protections.


Gerald Hankerson, President
NAACP State Area Conference

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PDF of letter available for download here.

Events Happening Around the Conference:


Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Lane Counties:

The 2019 AAYLC Conference for Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Lane Counties will be hosted by Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC) on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 8:30am - 1:15pm. More info to come!

Corvallis Albany Branch:

Grant Writer? Our branch is in need of Grant Writers to make possible projects important to our community and branch. Please contact Angel if you have experience, or are willing to learn, and have time to give.

Eugene Springfield Branch:

2018 Act-So National Medalists Alaja Badalich and Kilani Afelin!

The 2019 ACTSO Competition- Is scheduled to take place April 7th at the HULT Center 4-6 pm! The deadline for youth 8th through 12th grade to signup is Jan 30th 2019. This year the National Act-So competition is in Detroit Michigan. The National Act-So experience can be a defining event for our youth and we encourage participation and support for this unique opportunity! 2019 Actso Chair Ayasha Benninghoven has been working with her team to bring about a great program this year, and encourage all youth to consider this awesome opportunity! Each Year youth are offered the opportunity to receive an all expense paid trip to the National Act-so competition by winning a gold at our local competition which is held each April in partnership with the City of Eugene at the Hult Center. The Act-so program is ready for growth please pass the word about this youth enrichment program. The Academic Cultural Technological Scientific Olympics is the perfect vehicle to support excellence! They will ACTSO because they ACTSO! Call or stop by the office (541-484-1119/330 High St) for more information. You can also email




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