Alaska Oregon Washington State-Area Conference

The Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference (AOWSAC) of the NAACP is dedicated to improving the political, educational, social and economic status of all persons, eliminating racial prejudice, and keeping the public aware of the adverse effects of discrimination at the state level.

We have 13 local unit Branches and multiple youth councils, high school councils and prison Branches throughout Alaska, Oregon and Washington committed to addressing issues of discrimination and inequality affecting members in our communities and at the state level.

With this site, our goal is to provide you with information on local Branch events, and links to current news stories featuring AOWSAC’s advocacy efforts.

With the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the need is greater than ever for the NAACP to continue our voting rights advocacy and registration program.

Branches in the News:

Department of Veteran's Affiars (VA) Reports 1,200 Veteran Deaths in the Past 2 Months
More than 1,200 veterans have died in the VA Healthcare system since the Trump Administration declared an National Emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), and this number doesn’t include the more than 1,000 veterans who have died in Soldier’s Homes and Nursing facilities, around the nation.
Others have died from lack of necessary care within the system, because the VA has stopped providing routine healthcare to the nearly 10 million veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare system , which is their primary mission to care for those “who shall have borne the battle”.
Veterans with disabilities are disproportionately more vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. For our nation’s 5 million disabled veterans, the coronavirus creates a set of unique challenges—not only do service-connected illnesses place these individuals in higher-risk categories, but many now also face a dire financial situation due to lost income and mobility.
The devastation caused by COVID-19 is catastrophic and as we come upon this Memorial Day weekend, family members of veteran will not be able to visit those who are in VA hospitals and Cemeteries are closed and most Memorial Day Programs have been canceled or postponed.
The safety and well-being of our veterans, should be our great duty and as a nation we are once again failing to meet the promise that we gave to our veterans when they stood and swore to defend our nation with their lives if need be.
We must renew our commitment to our veterans and honor them with the dignity and respect they have earned through their service and sacrifice to our country.
Thank You,
Raymond Miller, Chair
Armed Services and Veterans Affairs
Committee, AOWSAC, NAACP

National NAACP Formally Removes Former Seattle King County President From Office, Imposes Five Year Suspension Of Membership
Seattle Medium
On April 21, 2020, The NAACP National Board of Directors effectively removed former Seattle King County NAACP President Sadiqa Sakin from the local Branch as both an officer and as a member. According to a press release, the NAACP after a thorough investigation and hearings held by the NAACP’s national office and committees, the National Board of Directors determined that some of Sakin’s alleged actions as president of the branch were “detrimental” to the NAACP.

'We're scared.' Inmates at two prisons protest peacefully, call on Gov. Inslee for coronavirus protection
April 11, 2020
Other agencies, such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, have put their own proposals before the governor. The NAACP's proposition would create additional space within prisons, to prevent the spread of coronavirus..."Camp prisoners have four years or less remaining on their sentences and are getting out anyway. "Camp prisoners work out in the community every day, and therefore do not pose a public safety concern because they are already out in the community," wrote Gerald Hankerson, President of the Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference of the NAACP. Hankerson estimated these moves would provide the Department of Corrections with 2,000 plus beds for isolating and treating prisoners and staff impacted by coronavirus.

Beyond Theory: Climate Justice in Practice
March 20, 2020
Buildings and Cities
What role does the built environment have in addressing climate injustices?
This community-led initiative provides a practical approach to addressing clilmate injustices, specifically those experienced by Black and brown communities and low-income residents in Portland, Oregon. Portland NAACP President Rev. E.D. Mondaine and Mandy Lee present a pioneering approach that embraces both climate (migration and adaptation) and inequity issues to improve community resilience and well being. A climate justice approach is better than attempting to solve one issue at a time.


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