Washington State NAACP Youth Council




What is the NAACP Youth Council (N-YC)? 

Too often in public education, the voices of youth are excluded and the response to racism is little to no action. No longer. 

N-YC unites anti-racist youth across Washington into one coalition that demands a seat at the table. As Shirley Chisholm once said, “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” We are youth with representation at dozens of schools across several districts -- with loads of folding chairs. It’s time not just for the youth to be at the table but for anti-racism to be at the top of the agenda. 



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Email us at: wastatenaacpyouth@gmail.com


Our Mission:  

Creating authentic partnerships to promote healing-centered, culturally-responsive practices in order to create positive school climates to eliminate racial and systemic trauma, white supremacy, and anti-blackness; to build a transformative educational system that inspires belief in the brilliance of all scholars. 

To achieve this mission, we demand the following from public education throughout Washington: 

  1. Mandate Ethnic Studies, Pre-K to 12th, and Fully-Staff Ethnic Studies Departments in Every District  

  2. Mandate Thorough and Frequent Staff Racial Equity Trainings

  3. Increase Voice of Youth, Especially BIPOC Youth, in Decision-making at All Levels of Public Education

  4. Hire and Retain More BIPOC Educators 

  5. Incorporate Restorative Justice Practices in Police-Free Schools Instead of Problematic, Outdated Discipline Practices

  6. Support Black Lives Matter at School Actions, including the new “Year of Purpose” 

  7. Increase Access to Opportunities and Mental Health Services 

  8. Abolish the Highly Capable Cohort Program

  9. Mandate Climate Change Education, Emphasizing Environmental Racism, and Dramatically Decrease the Carbon Footprint of Public Education





NAACP Youth Council in the news:

Local NAACP chapters call for ouster of Seattle schools Superintendent Denise Juneau 
October 20, 2020
SEATTLE — Officials from the Seattle and the regional chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday called for the resignation of schools Superintendent Denise Juneau, saying she has inflamed racial tensions and removed black males from leadership positions in the district...


In July 2021, the Youth Council traveled to Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia!

Thank you to our chaperones and everyone who made this trip possible!